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Make your life as a Manager Less Stressful and Easier to Handle.

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Managers in the Financial Services Industry…
This is for YOU.

First of all…  What is CRB?

CRB is a simple, inexpensive app built specifically for financial professionals.  

It’s designed to handle Prospecting, Segmenting, and Daily Reminders to make sure they don’t forget important interactions. 

It’s built around the idea that RELATIONSHIPS are what matters most in our industry, and designed to actually make their life easier.

Once you set it up, you can essentially walk away and the software will make sure you never forget the most important things in the lives of your clients. 

  • No more trying to remember birthdays, anniversaries, account reviews, and more..  
  • No more  nights wondering if you remembered everything you were supposed to.

You get Daily Reminders telling you EXACTLY who you need to reach out to, and what you need to remember that day.

But, why is this important for You as a Manager?

There are several huge advantages to having everyone on your team using CRB.

A Clear Start-Up Process for New Advisors.

As you know, Retention is a Huge Issue in our industry.  One of the biggest reasons for the revolving door is Prospect Inventory.  Most new advisors simply don’t realize how many people they know, but with CRB, they will have a simple step-by-step GUIDED process to create a huge list of real prospects, which gives them a much higher chance of quick success and longer tenure with your team. 

A Clear Process for Ongoing Growth for Veterans.

Even if your veterans have a list of people, chances are that they don’t know “who is who.”   With CRB, they can easily segment their list into A’s, B’s, & C’s and focus on the people they SHOULD, instead of simply talking to whoever happens to call that day. 

This easy process of segmenting also allows them to grow their business, possibly hiring junior advisors to deal with the B’s and C’s, while they spend their time cultivating relationships with their A’s.

The Ability to See Advisor Accounts/KPI’s (Prospect Inventory, etc.).
*This could be the biggest reason you should be interested in CRB for your entire team.*

You will have access to all your advisors accounts.

You can quickly access a snapshot of their account activity, and easily see their prospect inventory.

BUT, beyond that – Think about this… An advisor works for you for a year, but decides he wants to be a car salesman instead. Let me ask you… Would you like to be able to see who their most important clients are BEFORE they take their business elsewhere?  

With CRB, you as the Manager, will have security and peace-of-mind, knowing you won’t wake up one day with massive business lost and no way to follow-up with them.

We would love to serve you and your entire team, and help you increase both immediate AND long-term success.

Our support team and on-boarding specialists make it easy to get started, so Sign-up today and check it out, or click the link on this page to reach out with any questions you have. 

We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you and your team!